Pediatric Physical Therapy

Holsman Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy houses a team of expert Pediatric Physical Therapists whose knowledge is focused on gross motor skills development. Their treatments are created out of philosophies including Sensory Integration Approach, Neurodevelopmental Treatment, or Functional approach. The ultimate goal of all is to maximize every child’s functional mobility.

We will make sure that every treatment to be given is tailor fitted to every child’s needs. Treatments may involve activities such as functional strengthening, stretching, sensory stimulation, reflex integration, balance training, functional mobility training, and positioning.

A PT treatment plan should also include a parent/caregiver training and home program so that skills will be carried over. PT’s may also prescribe plagiocephaly helmets, lower extremity braces, mobility equipment such as gait trainers and wheelchairs, and positioning equipment.

Tools will also be used to facilitate the proper learning of pediatric patients such as balance beams, chairs, benches, balls of different sizes, mats, swings and toys. These tools are used during sessions held in homes, clinics and within the clients’ communities. It is also possible to receive services from the school and from playgrounds where various implements can contribute to the development of the child.

If you are in need of more information, you may contact us at 732-428-5566.

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