Have you Been in a Car Accident?

Physical Therapy For Treatment of Prolonged Pain Due to Accidents

An injury due to a vehicle accident can haunt you for many months. Depending on your injury, you can suffer from severe pain, loss of a limb or loss of functioning of the extremities. Apart from these miseries, there is the emotional effect, the trauma of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. You might end up feeling distressed and fearful of riding or driving again.

Thankfully, we can rely on the help of physical therapists or PT for physical rehabilitative treatment. Immediately after medical treatment or surgery, your doctor will advise physical therapy. A PT can help you with the following:

Recover faster and better

You can speed up recovery time when you engage in regular physical therapy. A therapist can assist you in strengthening your muscles to improve your range of motion. With the right exercise routines under the careful assistance of physical therapists, you can return to your life quickly.

Physical therapy can improve the results of your physical care. Instead of just relying on surgical and medical treatments, PT can gauge your readiness to return to your previous activities and will help you deal with any changes in your mobility such as using mobility aids.

So many people lose a limb after a vehicular accident and PT was able to help by providing the means to deal with their loss. The use of canes, crutches, and wheelchairs are just some of the most common mobility aids that PT can help with. More advanced mobility aids like artificial limbs are also a part of PT care.

Prevent damage to nearby tissues

Without physical therapy, patients end up damaging adjacent tissues leading to increased pain, poor healing and possible worsening of a patient’s condition. PT can help guide a patient immediately after receiving medical treatment or surgery. A therapist can assist a patient on how to properly move and cope with different obstacles especially obstacles at home and in his community.

Promote recovery and mobility

Physical therapists can help patients recover faster with the use of corrective exercises and the most effective treatments. PTs can help with manual manipulation of the affected muscles, ligaments and tissues using massage, application of heat and cold and the use of free weights.

He will ensure that the limb or body part affected by the accident may have restored movement and use. Aside from manual manipulation, he may also use traditional equipment such as TENS or the application of electrical current to enhance muscle and nerve function. Depending on where you’re located, PTs may be allowed to prescribe pain medications as well

Reduce dependence on painkillers

After a surgical procedure, you may be prescribed with pain medications to deal with severe pain. But ultimately, you need to wean yourself from painkillers. The most commonly prescribed pain medication after surgery is opiate-based. Opiates are very effective for pain but have terrible side effects including addiction.

If a patient’s painkiller use is left unsupervised, he might end up with terrible side effects and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.  This is where PT can help.

Therapists can assist patients with recovery and can help wean them from the use of painkillers as well. They can help with the restoration of movement of the affected limb or body part with special techniques to deal with pain. This may include the use of compresses, braces and TENS.

New and exciting PT techniques and pain relief methods are now being introduced in top physical therapy clinics. This is to help patients recovering from a vehicular accident live healthier and pain-free

Enhance mental health

Physical therapy offers a holistic approach to treatment and recovery from the effects of a vehicular accident. Therapists may partner with psychotherapists and your doctor to provide mental support. The key is effective therapy planning involving the patient and his family as well.

As PT sessions become more and more efficient in restoring a patient’s state of health especially his mobility, he will soon have improved confidence in returning to his previous activities. If a football player injures his arm in a vehicular accident, a PT can help him recover and regain his full confidence to return to his sport despite his injuries.

Sometimes it takes too long for a patient to come up and engage in physical therapy sessions. He may fall into denial thinking that he does not need it or PT can’t help him at all. This is understandable considering that a vehicular accident resulting in a loss of limb and function is a major event.

A physical therapist can entertain special consultations with the goal of convincing patients to take treatment. He may encourage the patient by creating a treatment plan together with him and his family or significant other.

Establish a pattern of care

As a patient undergoes medical care and physical therapy for his injuries, he will eventually be used to a regular pattern of care. A patient may also engage in physical fitness exercise as a result of having regular PT sessions. A therapist can guide a patient in the ideal low-impact exercise routines based on his current condition.

He may also coordinate with an exercise trainer or an instructor to support the patient highlighting his recovery from surgery or accident.

At home or hospital or clinical-based treatments

Right after surgery or an accident, physical therapy may visit the patient in his room right away. This may be too early for anything but this is a way for a PT to establish the patient’s condition and how he should proceed with treatment.

At this time, bedside, hospital-based therapies are done. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition he may start his therapy right away.

As soon as the patient’s surgeon or physician thinks that he is ready for discharge, a PT will formulate a treatment care plan which may be done in the hospital as an out-patient or special in-house therapy. The patient’s family should encourage, help the patient in completing his treatment.

If you’re wondering if PT is included in your health insurance claim for compensation, talk to your insurance representative for more information.