Why Using the SoloStep Tops Traditional Gait Training

Benefits of Using the Solo-Step: Overhead Track and Harness System during Gait Training for Kids


The Solo-Step: Overhead Track and Harness System was initially developed as a method to help patients recovering from injuries during their rehabilitation process. It is an affordable physical rehabilitation system that helps people learn how to walk again after a devastating injury or illness or because of obesity. It consists of a harness that a person has to wear while this harness is connected to a trolley that is connected to an aluminum track on the ceiling. This system has been one of the best tools that physical rehabilitation centers have been using effectively.


However, this system is not only for adults undergoing physical rehabilitation but can also be used for children during gait training. That is because gait training and physical rehabilitation have the same underlying philosophy, which is to help children and patients alike to learn how to walk for the first time or again.


So if you are interested in using the Solo-Step: Overhead Track and Harness System for gait training for your kids, here are the benefits of using it:


  1. It is safe


The child will be wearing a harness that is suspended from the ceiling. The trolley is made out of aluminum, which will be tough enough to handle your child. In that sense, the entire system is a safe way for your child to learn how to walk during gait training. You will also feel the security you need as a parent while watching your child learn how to walk.


  1. Gives them confidence


Knowing that they are safe from any possibility of falling down during gait training, your child will gain the confidence he or she needs while learning how to walk. That means that your child will not be in constant fear of falling down. He or she will carry this kind of confidence once you remove the harness to teach him or her how to walk without it.


  1. Promotes better joint and bone development


Children who are still learning how to walk properly are also in the middle of rapid development in their joints and bones. If you use a Solo-Step: Overhead Track and Harness System for your child during gait development, the joints and bones will be able to develop better because they will not be under the stress of the child’s full weight.


  1. Improves bladder and bowel movement


When a child is learning how to walk, his or her posture will be a normal one that the child is used to in his or her early years. That means that your kid’s bladder and bowel movement would have to suffer. But using this system will correct your child’s posture while he or she is gait training. This promotes better bladder and bowel movement. This also leads to lower chances of the child getting constipated.


  1. Decreases soreness in the developing muscles


Exercise can produce soreness in your child’s developing muscles as he or she learns how to walk. But because the Solo-Step system decreases the stress in the child’s muscles due to how it suspends his or her weight, there will be less soreness after gait training.


  1. Makes your child more active


Nowadays, children are not as active as they used to because they would rather play games on smartphones or watch television and videos all day long. This will eventually lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. However, if you use the Solo-Step system as early as gait training, it will eventually lead to your child becoming more active and to love the active lifestyle.


  1. Promotes interaction with the environment


Your child will be able to walk and explore more under this harness system than he or she would without it because of the risks involved when the child is left to wander around on his or her own two feet during gait training. As such, if your child will be able to explore more, it promotes his or her interaction with the environment and with the things in the room. It leads to a broader imagination and to an improved cognitive growth as well as his or her awareness of the things around him or her.

  1. Decreases the deficits in children with cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is mostly associated with spasticity and stiff muscles, difficulty in speaking, or difficulty in walking. It is an illness that starts at an early age, which means that the best way to decrease the risk of your child suffering from it is to prevent it at an early age. Gait training using the Solo-Step system helps by helping in improving your child’s muscle movement and brain development at an early age.