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The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) defines Physical therapists (PTs) as experts in movement science who use prescribed exercise, hands-on care, patient education and community resources to improve their quality of life.

Not only are physical therapists healers and clinicians, they also take on the role of an educator in the course of their treatment sessions. Educating patients so they can continue the safe transfer techniques they learned during therapy is imperative to prevent further falls at home. Therapeutic teaching sessions may also include diabetes management especially regular foot inspection to check for any new skin lesion. Diabetics have a hard time with wound healing and will need referral to an podiatrist for foot care, an orthotist for diabetic shoe fitting, skilled nursing if any new wound is observed.

Physical therapists also develop a home exercise program that the patient can perform safely by himself, with the goal of improving generalized strength and improving joint range of motion. The ultimate goal is to achieve long-term health functional benefits so the patient can return to his previous level of mobility.

The above facts illustrate the importance of physical therapists in achieving your best functional potential. Physical Therapy is recognized as vital members of the healthcare team, providing rehabilitation and habilitation services. Habilitation is the process by which disabled people attain, keep or improve life skills and physical functioning through physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language therapy.

Physical therapists work together with the APTA to develop standards for physical therapist practice, health care policy to ensure availability, accessibility, and provision of physical therapy.

With this in mind, physical therapists need to perform a thorough initial evaluation upon first meeting the client to examine individual functional limitations or deficits, then develop a treatment plan using therapeutic exercises, therapeutic activities, continuous movement using correct joint mechanics and safe techniques, pain relief strategies, pressure relief, aiming to prevent disability.

Before joint loss or muscle weakness even develops, a physical therapist can formulate a fitness plan or exercise regimen aiming to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

We’ve worked really hard to find highly skilled therapists in Northern New Jersey area with advanced certifications to give our patients the best treatment plan that will address their rehab needs optimally.

Physical therapy is now a doctorate-level advanced degree. A therapist who recently graduated needs to pass the state licensure exam before being allowed to evaluate or treat patients.

Our goal in every Holsman Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation facility is to provide ethical, patient-centered treatments to our clients, whether physical, occupational, or speech therapy to make our facility the best rehabilitation hub in the Northern New Jersey area.

Our branch in Berkeley Heights, NJ is equipped with the latest up-to-date rehab equipment that will make treatment sessions a pleasure

There’s never been a better reason to join our teams in our growing number of Physical Therapist owned major med outpatient clinic locations in northern New Jersey.

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