Clifton, NJ Physical Therapy Services

Beyond exercises and modalities, our brand of physical therapy at Holsman Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation P.C. incorporates treatment strategies that recognize the power of the human body to heal itself.

We respect each individual’s unique personality, pain tolerance, cultural preferences, and uncommon diagnoses and aim to address the deficits of the entire body, not just its physical form. The human mind has the vigorous capacity to heal the body but needs guidance from movement experts trained in the ways of total-body rehabilitation.

We will train you to harness the power of your mind to motivate yourself to perform the exercises that will improve your current level of function. From years of experience dealing with a variety of patient characters, our therapists’ human touch have been honed and chiseled to use only what is beneficial to the patient.

That is why it’s very important to consult a trusted, board-certified therapist like the staff at Holsman Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation P.C. to assess your condition accurately and formulate a treatment plan that will address each and every functional deficits observed. We consult you every step of the way when we write down goals that mesh with your own personal objectives.

Our hands-on approach ensures a custom-fit treatment plan that includes active exercises and modalities if needed. Regular reassessment sessions are scheduled so the supervising therapists are up to date with your progress and can fine-tune the treatment plan to accommodate any changes in function. We value the two-way feedback loop and have made it part and parcel of our clinical practice.

Our physical therapists use updated evidence-based treatment guidelines technological findings for the most effective therapy experience you will have. Our SoloStep overhead track and harness system, Sensory Gym, Extracorporeal Pulse Activator Treatment (EPAT), Alter G treadmill, among other equipment, are a testament to our commitment for innovation in our clinical practice.

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