How A Back Brace Can Help during Heavy Lifting

Everyone has experienced some level of back pain in their lives. Back pain may be one of the most common ailments that have been caused by misalignment, injury or disease. Some people have reported experiencing a dull muscle ache in the lower back or severe sharp pain that affect their ability to stand up straight or even ben over.

For people experiencing orthopedic restrictions, especially for people involved in heavy lifting in their daily lives, spinal bracing might be the only option. Back braces serve as joint protection wherein it helps prevent common injuries and strains to the lower back during heavy lifting, it also encourages proper lifting techniques.

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Benefits of using Back Brace during Heavy Lifting

Here are some of the advantages of how a back brace can help while an individual is engaged in heavy lifting.

  • Potentially increase Lifting Performance

Using a back brace can potentially increase performance thus allowing individuals that lift competitively to carry more weight and at the same time avoiding injury. Studies show that wearing back brace while inhaling before lifting heavy objects reduces spine loading, therefore, preventing further injury and pain of the back for both short term and long term.


  • Gives Stability in Abdomen and Lower Back

Back braces allow the compression of the lower back during heavy lifts and give more stability to the abdomen and lower back. By having an increase in stability, it will give the lower back more power to carry more weight and prevent injury to this as well.


  • Reduces stress and pressure on the lower back and spine

Industrial jobs that include heavy lifting may require employees to wear a heavy lifting belt. The reason behind is that lifting objects improperly that is too heavy can be extremely damaging to the spine and lower back.


  • Ease pain for low back sprains and strains

Sprains and strains are normally caused by overstretching or tearing ligaments which might occur when a heavy object is lifted improperly. Using a back brace can also avoid further tearing and injury to the ligaments.


  • Transitional Movements become more comfortable

Using back braces while heavy lifting will make transitional movements such as sitting to standing will be easier than the individual experiencing back pain might not experience it. For those engaged in competitive lifting, they might experience having a more comfortable transition feeling from sitting down and holding the weight to the time that they stand up.


  • Improve posture and elongate the spine

The back brace can help improve the posture of an individual who lifts heavy objects on a regular basis. The back brace will train your mind and back to always be in the correct posture and you will get used to the feeling of always having proper posture. Once your posture has been corrected, you will notice that your spine might seem to have elongated, this is due to the fact that less bending or curving has been done to your spine.