Holsman Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy is a reputable source of rehabilitative and wellness services in New Jersey. It is the perfect venue for you to get your physical functions restored to normal or close to it.

We provide an array of specialties that go above and beyond the standards. We are highly recognized for our propensity in placing your recovery and wellness as our top priority. We carefully monitor your recuperation through professional positive enforcement by our adept and accredited physical, occupational and speech therapists.

You will be carefully assessed and evaluated so our team can create a personalized care plan that is tailored to suit your needs. In our facility, you will be provided with specialized equipments and technology to aid you in the restoration or improvement of your functions and basic abilities of daily living.

With Holsman Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, it is our goal to enhance your speech,motor skills and wellness, among others. By the end of your stay with us, you will attain amazing results with the guidance of our therapy expertise.

If you have questions or inquiries, please give us a call at 732-428-5566.