Bloomfield, NJ Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is a doctorate-level advanced degree of study, part of the allied health professions that advocate for a patient’s right to live a pain-free life, free of functional limitations.

Physical therapy utilized evidence-based treatment techniques in exercises, electrotherapy, pain studies, shockwave therapy, education, joint mobilization, positioning, pressure relief, among others to treat conditions such as muskuloskeletal pain or injury impacting patient’s level of movement, joint replacements, arthritis, degenerative bone or joint changes, soft tissue tears, gout, balance issues, walking instabilitity, and other physical impairments no matter how they originated.

A therapist who recently graduated needs to pass the state licensure exam before being allowed to evaluate or treat patients

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. We recognize the value our patients place in us for their care so we hire only the most skilled physical therapists to give them the best experience with each visit.

Each patient received one-on-one care and individualized attention where the sessions focus is on building their unique treatment plan.  It’s a well known fact in patient care that the more time you engage with each individual and drive home the importance of their participation in the therapy journey, the more adherence you will get to your plan of care. Our skilled instructors provide comprehensive teaching accompanied with exercise manuals and handouts to ensure successful rehab solutions.

The ultimate goal is to return the patient to his previous level of independent prior to injury, or to improve his function and achieve a new level of performance.

Our goal is to provide ethical, patient-centered treatments to our clients, whether physical, occupational, or speech therapy to make our facility the best rehabilitation hub in the Bloomfield NJ neighborhood. The best reason to visit Holsman Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation P.C. is now!

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