Rahway, NJ Physical Therapist

Holsman Physical Therapy is unique in its treatment approach in that it was first established to address the needs of a rapidly aging population. Our founder and CEO Dr. Richard Holsman pursued a specialization in geriatrics and eventually proceeded to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the Boston University. He became one of the few certified Geriatric Clinical Specialists in New Jersey.

The elderly population face different challenges to their function compared to younger clients: there’s loss of bone density which makes ordinary falls sometimes catastrophic. When the landing is awkward, or the floor too hard a surface, a bone or bones might break, resulting for the need for surgical intervention.

Persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease are especially vulnerable to losing their balance due to postural changes brought on as the disease worsens.

To better serve the geriatric population in Northern New Jersey, we are offering Tai Chi classes as part of our Wellness Program. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that’s been proven to build up balance reflexes and decrease falls among seniors.

We are primarily focused on keeping seniors active and encourage them to live healthy lives through regular physical fitness activities.


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