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We could not emphasize enough how important physical therapy is to the overall healthcare arena

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Physical therapy treatment aims to decrease or eliminate pain, recover joint or muscular integrity in order to delay or avoid the need for surgery, optimize mobility, reacquire functional skills lost to stroke or other injuries, recover from a sports injury, address balance issues, reduce fall risk, provide management for pre-diabetics through thorough client and caregiver education, manage age-related issues like bone density loss or dementia.

Chronic pain is a major stressor you don’t want to experience in your life. Prolonged, untreated pain results to lack of appetite, which then results to uncontrolled weight loss, rapid heart rate, increased breathing rate, fever, bodily shock, and ultimately, loss of life.

When the body experiences actual tissue injury, it tries to protect its vital structures by producing an inflammatory reaction, increased clotting, and increased high blood pressure. The heart works harder to pump blood to the injured part of the body, a process called increased cardiac output. Just imagine how dysfunctional the human body would become if pain is allowed to run rampant, unrelieved, untreated, and ultimately, uncontrolled.

This is where highly trained physical therapists come in. PTs relieve pain through guided therapeutic exercises, postural education, positioning, pressure relief education, massage, and patient education – all with the goal of gradually increasing patient tolerance to physical activity until he acquires his previous functional level.

Pain is a different experience for each person, and so we aim to individualize our treatment program to the needs of each patient, tailor-fit to precision. It takes skill and experience to consistently provide this kind of therapeutic service.

Recognizing the huge importance of physical therapy in the lives of our clients so they can continue to live fruitful, productive lives, we offer physical therapy and wellness services in our Belleville branch located at 710 Mill St., Belleville, New Jersey.

All our facilities are staffed with highly qualified physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to address your rehabilitation needs.

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