Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists in Holsman Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy specialize in fine motor skills as well as adaptive skills development. Others have earned further education in feeding or sensory integration to render more relevant services to clients.

Occupational therapists assist pediatric clients in developing psychomotor efficiency when doing school-related tasks such as cutting, gluing and self-care. Sessions can be held inside the home, within the community or inside the clinic of our PT’s.

Activities may involve stretching, positioning, functional strengthening, sensory stimulation, positioning and fine motor coordination. OT’s may also prescribe custom made equipment to enhance the quality of their services. Wheelchairs, extremity splints and positioning devices are all necessary to increase the independence of children when doing functional tasks.

For those specializing in feeding, varying food tastes and textures may be utilized to teach pediatric clients. Adaptive dishes as well as utensils may also be used to enhance the sensory input to the mouth. For self-help training, tools will be used to teach pediatric clients how to lace their own schools, button their shirts, zip and unzip pants, remove their dress and so on.

Occupational therapy services are commonly offered for children needing special education services.

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